The morning after effect…

Early, at dawn to be more precise, in the morning birds chirping, cows moohing and cats spinning around the sleeping areas… Nah I am mistakin’: it was the sound of over 230 C64 sceners making their way through the forest by snoring as their lifes are depending on it. The beer is on the house so that was flowing rapidly especially during the late hours. Effective as the alcohol is the louder the snoring I would say 🙂

Heading out for the shower I met up with CBA again and this guy is energetic like crazy, dancing al night at the bleep-blip-blops of Jeroen Tel, organising the event, making everybody feel at ease, serving food and still early up to pour the coffee in the cups of the needy ones. There are many words to praise the organisers, I guess you can imagine.

Breakfast is being served. For many of us the breakfast consists ofthe usual this weekend: meaning beer, beer and beer.

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