X2010 has started!

The party has started, a few guys are already drunk enough to loose grip over gravity control. Two power outages down and a few to go. No party is going to be a party without a
power outage. After a few hours lingering around the vicinity the party really started with an performance of Jeroen Tel\Maniacs of Noise. The good old 6581 waveforms were elegantly mixed with newer material to engage a vibrant dance potion. The crowd enjoyed it very much.

Luckily I happen to share a room with a old scener that I know from the old days. Reyn Ouwehand, you know who I am talking about.

Although the night is still young the neighbour is already sawing the forest as it sounds from the snoring, I guess the C64 surfaces the best of you.

Luckily for me I usually can fall asleep within 30 seconds after sliding between the sheets. We’ll see.

The start of the weekend is already overwhelming.

The future of the past lays at our feet.

Signing off for now… Berry (please visit my CSDB entry for more info)

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  1. dlz/3ad says:

    have a nice one! i didn’t make it to X after all, i’m looking forward to the releases.

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