UnOfficial Results from X2010 by Rudi

UnOfficial Results from X2010 by Rudi
See also the CSDB X2010 section.
Top 3 Entries (only)

C64 Demo Competition

1. Fright not by Offence
2. We Are New by Fairlight
3. Mekanix by Booze Design & Instinct
?. It’s Cold by Raiders of The Lost Empire

C64 Graphics Competition

1. 25 years.. by Veto
2. Something with a Moustache by Duce/Extend
3. DYN by Bimber
?. Headgear by Motion
?. Dislocate by Deev

C64 Music Competition

1. B.. by Randall
2. Evolver by Jeff
3. X-Jazz by Booker
?. 8580 Doped Pigs by dalezy/Linus

ref. SceneSat & CSDB

– Rudi

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