Unofficial Commodore SX-64 serial registry

.US - Minnesota1983-09GA1001323great condition, works great, all cables
1983-09GA1002969StockeBay (12/04) Sold for $97.70
1983-10GA1003720StockeBay (7/04) Sold for $67.00
1983-10GA1004202Stock - sold w/ 1541 & cassetteeBay (8/04) Reserve not meet high bid of $61.12
1983-11GA1007218Stock - Rt keyboard clip brokeneBay (8/04) Sold for $100.00
1983-GA1007263Stock - missing 4 screwseBay (8/04) Sold for $300.00
1983-11GA1008071StockeBay(10/04) Sold for $108.50
1983-11GA1008991Ham Radio ChipeBay (12/04) Sold for $68.00
1983-11GA1009577eBay(10/04) Sold for $218.00
1983-11GA1009782StockeBay (Pulled)
1983-11GA1009880Not original keyboard cableeBay (8/04) Sold for $194.27
.US - Westford, MA1983-11GA1010124Stock
1983-11GA1010274Not tested, seller has no power cordeBay (9/04)
.US - Seattle, WA1983-11GA1010831Stock
1983-11GA1010935StockeBay (07/05) Not sold
.US - Chicago, IL1983-12GA1011915Missing Handle & blue caps
1983-09GA1013058StockeBay (7/04) Sold for $76.00
sx65 at - Pittsburgh, PA1983-12GA1013835Stock
1983-12GA1014282 Reset & Drive Select switch eBay (7/04) Sold for $1,000.00
Leif.CA - Toronto1983-12GA10150251541 Flash! and external reset switch
1983-12GA1015090StockeBay (8/04) Sold for $152.50
.US - Hillsboro, OR1984-03GA1016582Stock
1984-03GA1017243eBay (7/04) Sold for $102.50
1984-03GA1017288StockeBay (9/04)
.US - Tulsa,OK1984-03GA1017493Stock
1984-03GA1018214Missing Blue CapseBay (9/04)
.US - Lincoln, NE1984-03GA1019050
bob at - Sandy, Utah1984-03GA1019439JiffyDos- Unit is not working at this time, troubleshooting in progress
1984-03GA1019617Missing Blue CapseBay (11/04) Sold for $109.03
1984-03GA1020541Missing keyboard & screen boots up whiteeBay (9/04)
1984-03GA1021238No keyboard or cableeBay (8/04) Sold for $26.99
1984-03GA1021274StockeBay (9/04) Sold for $76.00
bob at - Sandy, Utah1984-03GA1021424JiffyDos
1984-03GA1021478Stock has disk bageBay (1/05) Sold for $93.00
.US - Burkburnett, TX1984-03GA1022087Stock - Original Owner
1984-03GA1022410StockeBay (10/04) Sold for $99.00
1983-04GA1023311Stock - Printer, modem, joysticks, softwareeBay (10/04) Sold for $199.99
bob at - Sandy, Utah1983-04GA1023599None yet
1983-04GA1024337StockeBay (8/04) Sold for $122.50
1983-04GA1026613JiffyDos & BageBay (07/05) Sold for $127.50
1983-04GA1026633Stock - Needs repaireBay (07/05) Sold for $56.00
1983-04GA1027184Stock - Missing handleeBay (9/04) Sold for $114.01
.US - Fresno, CAGA1027935
GA10281351581 3.5 installedeBay (2/05) Sold for $128.85
1984-03GA1028214Stock, missing blue end capseBay (8/04) Sold for $177.50
1983-05GA1029472StockeBay (12/04) Sold for $96.00
1983-05GA1029718eBay (8/04) Sold for $169.00
.US - New Jersey1983-05GA1030653JiffyDos
1983-05GA1032740eBay (1/05)
.NO - Bergen1983-05GA1032831Stock
Leo.CA - Prince George B.C.1983-05GA1032949updated cartridge port cable and jdos
1983-06GA1034204Stock, no keyboard. Relisted with keyboard, broken latcheseBay (8/04) Didn't sell    eBay (1/05) Sold for $44.00
1983-06GA1034497Original shipping box & packing materialeBay (12/04) Sold for $247.50
1983-06GA1034519Disk Carrying CaseeBay (11/04) Sold for $172.50
1983-06GA1035445Stock, no keyboard or cableeBay (8/04) Sold for $41.04
1983-06GA1035947StockeBay (7/04) Seller pulled form auction.
hodo.CA - Ontario1984-06GA1036395Write protect bypass switch & Datel Turbo ROM II chip
.US - Fresno, CAGA1036780
1984-09GA1038136Reset switch inside storage compartment, JiffyDos.
.US - Minneapolis, MinnesotaGA1038658no cables and one broken keyboard lock
1984-09GA1039856StockeBay (07/05) Sold for $31.00
1984-10GA1040819StockeBay (12/04) Sold for $137.50
1984-10GA1041317StockEbay (8/04) Didn't sell, starting bid $300
1984-10GA1042334StockeBay (1/05) Sold for $87.26
1984-10GA1042573Reset switch inside storage compartment, JiffyDOS
1984-10GA1043523One keyboard latch brokeneBay (8/04) Sold for $76.00 member
1984-10GA1045381StockeBay (8/04) Sold for $262.00
1984-10GA1045683Stock - Keyboard clips broken, 1 key missing, keyboard corner cracked/missingeBay (8/04) Sold for $99.95
1984-10GA1046832Stock - Has users guide and bageBay (07/05) Sold for $102.50
.US - Tulsa, OK1984-10GA1046873Stock
1984-11GA1047317StockeBay (8/04) Sold for $258.99
1984-11GA1047799StockeBay (1/05) Sold for $61.00
1984-11GA1047831StockeBay (12/04) Sold for $109.50
1984-11GA1047834StockeBay (12/04) Sold for $62.00
1984-11GA1049471StockeBay (9/04)
.AR  GA1049807   
1983-10GA1050023Skyles Electric Works Disk Speedup ModeBay (1/05) Sold for $77.01
.CA - Ontorio, Trenton1983-9GA2000275Stock
hodo.CA - OntorioGA2000722Write protect bypass switch & Jiffy DOS
1983-10GA2000903StockeBay (11/04) Sold for $119.99
hodo.CA - OntorioGA2001186Stock
toni.caven at with VIC-1011A RS-232 adapter and Retro Replay cartridge with the RRNet module
.DE  GA4003913   
.NL1983-12GA4005481StockSold for €150
.NL1983-12GA4006601StockSold for €5
Berry2013-06.NL - The Hague1984-03GA4009781GA4011308GA4011308GA4011308Total resetSerials not matching
sx64 at whizzkid.nu1984-05GA4014458Speed DOS Plus, external reset
.NL1984-05GA4014805 Telron 1200 Modem built in.
.DE  GA4015646   
.IT - Livorno1984-06GA4017113Added reset switch and fixed keyboard by replacing the CIA
Garth.AT1983-10GA5000758240 volt member
Garth.ATGA5003462Stock - Disk Carrying member
Garth.ATGA5011274240 volt member
.JP1983-10GA6000356Fixed PLA with parts from a donor C64
.UK - Leeds1983-10GA6000598StockeBay (1/05) Sold for $94.85 Leeds, UK
.SE - Malmö1983-11GA6000837Stock
.AU1983-11GA6001835StockeBay (12/04) Sold for $194.33 (Australia)
Bram.NL1983-12GA6002928Stock - Missing blue caps & one broken keyboard latchSold for €100 -
1983-12GA6003171StockeBay (8/04) Sold for $655.38 Sold from West Midlands, UK
Berry2013-02.NL - The Hague1983-12GA6003253GA5006526GA5006526GA5006526Handle bar caps missing
Bram.NL1984-03GA6006046Stock - Didn't work, found loose contact on PS & Blown fuseSold for €75 -
J. Pedersen.DK1984-04GA6007312Stock
.NL1984-04GA6007422Speeddos & rombank
Berry2011-08.NL - The Hague1984-06GA6009195Handle bar caps and ons hinge missing

sx-64-paper-modelIf you like to create your own SX-64, please serialize it 😉

The exact number of SX-64 sold from 1984 to 1986, when it was discontinued, is unknown. The serial numbers of over 130 SX-64s from series GA1, GA2, GA4, GA5 and GA6, with serial numbers ranging over 49,000 for series GA1, 1,000 for GA2, 17,000 for GA4, 11,000 for GA5, and 7,000 for GA6 have been reported, see Wikipedia – Commodore SX-64

Technical information

Like the Commodore 64, except the following:

  • Built-in storage: 170 kB 5¼” floppy disk drive (internal version of the Commodore 1541)
  • Built-in display: 5″ inch (127 mm) composite color monitor (CRT)
  • Keyboard: Separate unit, connected by cord to CPU unit
  • Cartridge port: Placed on top of CPU unit, w/spring-loaded fold-in lid, cartridges inserted vertically (vs horizontally into back of C64)
  • I/O connectors:
    • Serial interface (rear)
    • Video out connector (rear)
    • User Port (rear)
    • Cartridge Port (hidden under two flaps on the top)
    • No Datassette interface
    • No RF modulator & connector
    • Non-standard 25-pin keyboard connector below right side of front panel. The connectors are similar but not identical to D-subminiature connectors and notoriously hard to find today[citation needed]
    • Standard three-prong AC power connector (vs C64 DIN plug to “power brick” PSU)
  • Power supply: Internal unit with transformer and rectifiers (vs external C64 PSU)
  • Extra features: Floppy disk storage compartment above disk drive which could be used to build in an extra floppy drive or compatible sized modem

8 Responses to Unofficial Commodore SX-64 serial registry

  1. Gene says:

    If you’d like to add them, I have two SX’s, serials GA1039966 and GA1000294

  2. Robert Talada says:

    I have GA1047531

  3. Kris Spencer says:

    I have GA1 018919 , March ’84. – I am curious how they started at GA6 and worked their way down to GA1. It seems the higher the GA #, the older it is. Any info on why or how that came about? Thanks Kris

  4. Del Scoville says:

    I have an SX-64 in nearly mint condition, works fine, I still play games on it, and keyboard doesn’t suffer from keys skipping. I’m located in New Mexico and the serial is GA1-000840

  5. bmacri says:

    My SX-64 is in excellent condition. I use it on occasion and store it in a dark, dust-free environment. I added some small heat sinks to all the chips known to get hot (VIC-II, SID, etc) and a fan that blows forced air over the chips. The fan is controlled via a switch that is located in the “glove box” on the upper side, thus out of view.
    The system also has JiffyDOS installed, with the toggle switch located next to the fan switch.
    Most of the time, I use a 1541Ultimate 2 with the computer and the internal drive is not really being used. It is, however, lubricated and it reads/writes correctly.

    I’m located in California and the computer serial number is GA1 016069 (March, 1984).

  6. Pete says:

    Dec 1983. GA1015225
    Manitoba, Canada.

    Original 100%
    Working 100%

  7. Peter says:

    GA4003059, Nov. 1983, original, working, Switzerland

  8. Jason Simpson says:

    GA1-031278 May 1984, and another that has had its serial number cut out(!), September 1983.

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