The SID and DEMO compo entries (not the results, yet)


First turn your speakers really low before clicking on: Just a little too close to the speakers…

The SID competition is real crazy… a SID load of entries made by numerous artists. The entries range from OLDSID to NEWSID, dark to funky and usually very dancable. Although the music allows to move the most sceners are down to earth in the basement of the complex. The sawtooth, sinus, block and noise waveforms tremble through their bodies to experience it the best. The soundsystem allows it in a very intrusive manner. The beer is constantly flowing and the empty crates are set for a single trip home. Also some very famous musicians (already mentioned earlier on) are also enjoying the compo.

It ain’t old-skool compo versus new-skool compo and that makes it interesting. My personal preference is the OLDSID but the NEWSID is very appealing to the ears too. NEWSID base drum is pumping, horn section blowing and the base is bouncing through the air entering the minds. Damn, i really dig this SID. Hopefully this will not become that much of main-stream to a degree that all musicality and creativity is auto-tuned away.

We are bouncing here!

1 Radiant X
2 Inceptium \ Jan Harries
3 Tainted 8-bit
4 Oceans
5 Linus
6 I dont care \ Knoeki
7 X Jingle
8 Evolver \ Jeff
9 Mankey (toilet)
10 101
11 Wackey
12 Octonarium
13 Aluminium
14 Poor teenager expensive shoes
15 X2010
16 Finding way bay
17 Extensified \ _V_
18 Elephants huge nipple \ Lemming
19 242 \ Quadrad
20 Hold the line \ Stainless Steel
21 Fooping DMC \ Psycho 8580
22 I’m telling ya \ Jammer
23 X-Jazz \ Booker
24 Stormy City \ Fieser Wolf

The demo compo is coming up and we are waiting for a high tech oldskool movie show. As i have a huge gap in scene time i have noticed that the demos nowadays are much more calculated, not needing a space to continue and showing a real homogeneous show of design elements. Also the timing of the elements are in close harmony with the SID. Way back that didn’t matter so much. Different parts were created by different graphicians, coders and musicians. Hence the possible incoherences. We are looking forward to the X2010 entries. I heard that there are very promising demos coming up: now we wait. Harlequin is hyping the crowd during whole weekend is a psyched up manner, it works! Jerry/Triad is honoured (1943-2010) by showing a special memorial pixel art from him.

The first demo by Deekay\Crest is not competing, i guess this one would definitely win… not disclosing any details here. What i can say it is certainly heterogeneous in any way possible 😉

01 16 years \ Metalvotze Weltgruppe
02 Topless \ Abyss Connection + Tristar (foto 1541)
03 Meat thing \ Metalvotze Weltgruppe
04 It’s cold \ Role
05 Pigometrics \ SLP
06 The year we make contact \ Onslaught (very good bass sound)
07 Frighthof \ Arsenic (realtime vector gfx)
08 Fu Chen \ API (wide screen)
09 Exonic exitement \ Camelot
10 Chanel nr. 64 \ Arise
11 Another beginning \ Offence (last ninja, weave scrolling hori/vert,disco,poetry,diagonal 3d scrolling)
12 Cubase64 \ Mahoney (whitepaper)
13 Portal \ Lepsi & Miracles
14 We are new \ Fairlight
15 Mechanix \ Booze Design & Instinct (insane plotting, 3D, rubik’s cube)

04 re-run as the first run didn’t work out well during the in-demo loading routine.

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  1. DaTucker says:

    This site is a great X2010 party report! Thank you for pointing out all the different and great stuff that is happening in the scene to the world!

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