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10 Print “Hello World!”

Another event in the series of small and cosy domesticated demo-parties held in the Netherlands. This time the 10 Print “Hello World!” party will be shore-side, Scheveningen in the Netherlands. The aim of this party is to conversate, create and … Continue reading

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Januari 2013 – Commodore SX-64 party @ Starbucks…

The Commodore SX-64 was announced in January 1983 and released a year later and sadly enough discontinued in 1986. So January would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate however we can schedule parties al year long… or even untill 2016, … Continue reading

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Don’t want to carry monitors around anymore…

… so i purchased a Smart TV Card (PCMCIA/PCCARD) from The Sinovideo Company, which is actually a pretty strange name for a company who produces video hardware, this name can bite you in the hiney, Mr. See-No-Video. This time it … Continue reading

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