Januari 2013 – Commodore SX-64 party @ Starbucks…

The Commodore SX-64 was announced in January 1983 and released a year later and sadly enough discontinued in 1986. So January would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate however we can schedule parties al year long… or even untill 2016, which is a little far fetched. So when January is not the best of the year, wintertime, feel free to schedule another time 😉 .

Let’s keep up with the Commodore especially on the anniversary of the executive, luggable edition of the best computer ever. So therefor i would like to propose a semi-virtual meeting, to keep our eco-footprint as low a possible, by meeting up with some friends and their SX64 in a local cafe. Click here to find your local coffee brewer and join the #SX64party flashmob.

Why shouldn’t we rejoice the 30th anniversary of the good old Commodore SX-64 at a place where the corporate suits and students show off their latest gazillon-megahertz lapware? Just bring your SX-64 along and enjoy a coffee, first round is on me, when i am physically at the venue.

What can you nowadays do with your SX-64? At least everything you need is in the box. Take some pleasure of enjoying demos, play a game with your friends or ever do some serious accounting with your friends. And if our are really eager Twittering on the Commodore (SX-)64 is still an option. So you don’t have to let go on your daily habits 🙂

So if you like this idea, please sign up and drag your gear to your local, or not so nearby coffee-club and have some fun! First coffee is on me, when i am also in the vicinity.


CSDB entry: Executive SX-64 c*ffee gathering
Dutch flyer: SX64Party Flyer Dutch
English flyer: SX64Party Flyer English


Places and dates to go:

20-januari-2013 @ 14:00 hours – Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Organised by: berrydejager.com and 6510.nl

Venue: Starbucks ‘laboratory concept store’ – The Bank, Utrechtsestraat 9,1017 VH , Amsterdam

Unfortunately this demo is not run on a genuine SX64 thus showing the
caption. Real SX-64 hardware detection works ;-). Thanks to the_kracker_jax_revealed_trilogy documentation, check out page 75.

Please download the demo and try it: SX64Party demo released by 6510.nl



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Party people and their luggables:

  1. Berry, SX-64
  2. iKilledHer,SX-64
  3. Ddw,SX-64
  4. Sander, SX-64
  5. Timbob, SX-64
  6. MR.SID, laptop VICE64 using SX-ROMs
  7. Robby Boey, SX-64
  8. Ferenc, SX-64
  9. Fierman, SX-64
  10. Fred, SX-64
  11. Mace, SX-64
  12. Groente, SX-64

20-januari-2013 – Fresno, California/USA

Organised by: FCUG meeting

Venue: Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Restaurant in Fresno/California

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Party report: FCUG celebrates SX-64 30th anniversary!

  1. Robert Bernardo, SX-64
  2. Dick Estel, SX-64
  3. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  4. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  5. <unknown participant>, SX-64

20-januari-2013 – Toronto, Canada

Organised by: Toronto PET Users Group

Venue: Starbucks Coffee – Six Points Plaza

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  1. Leif Bloomquist, SX-64
  2. Rob Adlers, SX-64
  3. Joseph/JP PBM Palumbo , SX-64

20-januari-2013 – Seattle, Washington/USA

Organised by: Portland Commodore Users Group and Puget Sound Commodore Users Group

Venue: Starbucks Coffee – Houghton II

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Party reports:


  1. Goog
  2. Agent Friday
  3. Kent Sullivan
  4. Pinacolada
  5. Gsteemso
  6. Tim S. + 2
  7. Pawel K.
  8. Matt C.
  9. Archer B.
  10. Rob B. + 3

22-januari-2013 – Austin, Texas/USA

Organised by: Central Texas Amiga Computing Society

Venue:  Conan’s PizzaW Anderson Ln / Burnet Rd, Austin/TX

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  1. John Herron, SX-64
  2. Bo Zimmerman, SX-64
  3. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  4. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  5. <unknown participant>, SX-64


20-januari-2013 – Ontario/Canada

Organised by: Robin Harbron

Venue:  Chicago Joe’s restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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Party report: Facebook: Robin Harbron – Happy Birthday, SX-64

  1. Robin Harbron, SX-64
  2. Kevin John Kuchta
  3. Darren Foulds


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14 Responses to Januari 2013 – Commodore SX-64 party @ Starbucks…

  1. Sander says:

    I’m in!

  2. Timbob says:

    Sounds like fun 😀
    I’ve got one… where were you planning on meeting?

  3. Timbob says:

    Oh wait, I see.
    Amsterdam is doable. Some heavy lifting in the train 😛

  4. Cameraman says:

    How many wall outlets are available? Better bring a couple of powerplugboards, how many SX-es can we run on one outlet before the fuses of Starbucks blow?

    • Berry says:

      I will carry two power distributors along. My SX64 (stock) takes

        only 42 Watts

      running idle at 226v/0.19A. Having the drive active the power went up with another 9Watts. Pushing up the CPU to almost 100% the power consumption doesn’t spike up higher.

      So the average and top consumption isn’t much higher than the average laptop.

  5. Berry, could you prod everyone to send you pictures from their gatherings and post them? That would be great to see and we’ll mention it on the next Retro Computing Roundtable. Thanks, David

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  7. The Commodore Computer Club (www.c64club.com) based out of Vancouver, WA – USA will be getting together on January 20, 2013 at the Starbucks located in the Mill Plain Town Center located at: 16320 SE Mill Plain Blvd. STE 101 Vancouver, WA 98684 (http://www.starbucks.com/store/13055/). If you’re in the area, come hang out with us. RSVP via our club website contact form.

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