Replacing the 1541-II / 1571-II/ 1581 drive power supply

Having drives without a working PSU doesn’t make sense. So this years #DiskDumpingDecember (on twitter) went a little haywire, although I did dump some EPROM to .bin files using an eprommer.

First I sourced a replacement PSU, which handles at least 12Vdc/0.5A and 5Vdc/1A, from our local recycling site. I ended up buying a TRSF, model TR-05HHD, power supply which is able to deliver 12Vdc/1.5A and 5Vdc/2A.


Now this power supply sports a 6 pin mini DIN  male connector and the 1541-II/1571-II/1581 are equipped with a 4 pin regular size DIN female connector. So this is an very easy job. Just replace the plug!

The output pin out is noted on the power supply so figuring out the pin configuration on the drive shouldn’t be a drag. Using i multimeter i figured that the internal cabling uses the industry standard.

Browsing famous FTP site i found the following diagram:

drive_power_supplyNow it’s just a matter of soldering the corresponding wires to the plug.

  • Yellow – 5Vdc -> pin 1 on the drive plug
  • Black – ground -> pin 2 on the drive plug
  • Red – 12Vdc -> pin 4 on the drive plug
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  1. Carsten Jensen says:

    I’d recommend that you use red for 5v and yellow for 12v. thats most commonly used i.e. in PC’s and other places.

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