Found “Redhat Linux 5.1 Amiga 68k”

At least we still have the pictures… and the ISO.

I am happy to share with you, please leave a comment below.

PS. Uploaded the files to just to preserve, see;



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6 Responses to Found “Redhat Linux 5.1 Amiga 68k”

  1. herdware says:

    I’m guessing this is for preservation or curiosity? If you want to run unix on an Amiga I would recommend NetBSD. Up to date security wise and drivers for a lot of Amiga hardware. Including pci bridges, clockport and z3 ram as swap or normal ram.

    • Berry says:

      Actually it is for curiosity and preservation only. Although we might start a contest with it. How to install on real hardware without the use of UAE 🙂

      Thanks for the advice on the other distro’s!

  2. amigafriend says:

    Red Hat for Amiga? First time hearing this. And where’s the ISO? 😉

  3. drGspot says:

    …ISO-s are all over the world… 😀
    …i wrote this intro to GNU/Linux & m68k / PPC (APUS) some 8 years ago…Golden good old times :

    Amiga & Linux rULeZ — power to the linux chix 🙂


  4. John Voltz says:

    I’m looking for an m68k Redhat 5.1 ISO image. Could you upload it to Aminet or has the 5.2 ISOs, but for i386 only. I’m not too interested in trying to build it from the SRPMs either. That might be a bit too painful. Thanks!

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