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10 Print “Hello World!”

Hjemme-dataAnother event in the series of small and cosy domesticated demo-parties held in the Netherlands. This time the 10 Print “Hello World!” party will be shore-side, Scheveningen in the Netherlands.

The aim of this party is to conversate, create and release a little production using cross-dev only. This will be at a beginners level (as my skills aren’t up to par the other high definition party releases). So get out portable (this time not the SX-64) and start jamming that 6510 and 680×0 code.

Date: 2014 -summertime (t.b.d.)


  1. Berry
  2. Ikilledher
  3. DdW
  4. Fonz

Due to safety restrictions we have to restrict this meeting to 6 sceners using cross-dev machines (laptops, notebooks a.k.a. devbook) only, but some real hardware (C64, SX64, C128, Amiga 1200/030 and Amiga 4000/040) will be available for testing the releases.

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Januari 2013 – Commodore SX-64 party @ Starbucks…

The Commodore SX-64 was announced in January 1983 and released a year later and sadly enough discontinued in 1986. So January would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate however we can schedule parties al year long… or even untill 2016, which is a little far fetched. So when January is not the best of the year, wintertime, feel free to schedule another time 😉 .

Let’s keep up with the Commodore especially on the anniversary of the executive, luggable edition of the best computer ever. So therefor i would like to propose a semi-virtual meeting, to keep our eco-footprint as low a possible, by meeting up with some friends and their SX64 in a local cafe. Click here to find your local coffee brewer and join the #SX64party flashmob.

Why shouldn’t we rejoice the 30th anniversary of the good old Commodore SX-64 at a place where the corporate suits and students show off their latest gazillon-megahertz lapware? Just bring your SX-64 along and enjoy a coffee, first round is on me, when i am physically at the venue.

What can you nowadays do with your SX-64? At least everything you need is in the box. Take some pleasure of enjoying demos, play a game with your friends or ever do some serious accounting with your friends. And if our are really eager Twittering on the Commodore (SX-)64 is still an option. So you don’t have to let go on your daily habits 🙂

So if you like this idea, please sign up and drag your gear to your local, or not so nearby coffee-club and have some fun! First coffee is on me, when i am also in the vicinity.


CSDB entry: Executive SX-64 c*ffee gathering
Dutch flyer: SX64Party Flyer Dutch
English flyer: SX64Party Flyer English


Places and dates to go:

20-januari-2013 @ 14:00 hours – Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Organised by: and

Venue: Starbucks ‘laboratory concept store’ – The Bank, Utrechtsestraat 9,1017 VH , Amsterdam

Unfortunately this demo is not run on a genuine SX64 thus showing the
caption. Real SX-64 hardware detection works ;-). Thanks to the_kracker_jax_revealed_trilogy documentation, check out page 75.

Please download the demo and try it: SX64Party demo released by



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Party people and their luggables:

  1. Berry, SX-64
  2. iKilledHer,SX-64
  3. Ddw,SX-64
  4. Sander, SX-64
  5. Timbob, SX-64
  6. MR.SID, laptop VICE64 using SX-ROMs
  7. Robby Boey, SX-64
  8. Ferenc, SX-64
  9. Fierman, SX-64
  10. Fred, SX-64
  11. Mace, SX-64
  12. Groente, SX-64

20-januari-2013 – Fresno, California/USA

Organised by: FCUG meeting

Venue: Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Restaurant in Fresno/California

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Party report: FCUG celebrates SX-64 30th anniversary!

  1. Robert Bernardo, SX-64
  2. Dick Estel, SX-64
  3. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  4. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  5. <unknown participant>, SX-64

20-januari-2013 – Toronto, Canada

Organised by: Toronto PET Users Group

Venue: Starbucks Coffee – Six Points Plaza

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  1. Leif Bloomquist, SX-64
  2. Rob Adlers, SX-64
  3. Joseph/JP PBM Palumbo , SX-64

20-januari-2013 – Seattle, Washington/USA

Organised by: Portland Commodore Users Group and Puget Sound Commodore Users Group

Venue: Starbucks Coffee – Houghton II

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Party reports:

  1. Goog
  2. Agent Friday
  3. Kent Sullivan
  4. Pinacolada
  5. Gsteemso
  6. Tim S. + 2
  7. Pawel K.
  8. Matt C.
  9. Archer B.
  10. Rob B. + 3

22-januari-2013 – Austin, Texas/USA

Organised by: Central Texas Amiga Computing Society

Venue:  Conan’s PizzaW Anderson Ln / Burnet Rd, Austin/TX

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  1. John Herron, SX-64
  2. Bo Zimmerman, SX-64
  3. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  4. <unknown participant>, SX-64
  5. <unknown participant>, SX-64


20-januari-2013 – Ontario/Canada

Organised by: Robin Harbron

Venue:  Chicago Joe’s restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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Party report: Facebook: Robin Harbron – Happy Birthday, SX-64

  1. Robin Harbron, SX-64
  2. Kevin John Kuchta
  3. Darren Foulds


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