Not mine, just some pictures of a PDC Clipper











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  1. Roland Peter says:

    I just saw the photos of the PDC Clipper on this site and wanted to let you know that I do own one of these (and actually have access to a second one). Mine still works, though nobody ever really made use of it. It comes with three diskettes, a leather pouch with the cable, two manuals in German and three paper rolls for the printer.

  2. Ruben Coolen says:

    I’ve got one as well .Still in mint condition; never used. My dad used to build these at Siemens Lanklaar in Belgium

    • Phil says:

      Ruben – is your dad an engineer who could fix my broken one? Desperately seeking for a repair as mine doesn’t start anymore…

      • Ruben Coolen says:

        Unfortunately my dad isn’t active anymore. I will ask him wether he still has the schematics of the pdc so debugging would be easier.
        The pdc is 99% a c64 so your best chances will be to take it to a c64 repair guy. Most common issues are faulting pla,sid,vic or ram chips. The main board in the pdc is a genuine c64 motherboard on which the power supply parts where removed to make room for an internal speaker that was glued on to the mainboard with hot glue. While you’re at it it’s best to replace the capacitors in the machine as well as they tend to shift values over time. Replacement capacitor kits for C64 machines are readily available on ebay. replacement chips can be found on Ebay as well and go for around 20-25 EU. RAM-chips can be found for around 2 to 3 EU per piece. Quite some debugging information can be found on youtube as well, So best to start there I think…

      • JDR says:

        Hi Phil,

        just repaired mine : a defective 6510, and a defect in the powersupply.
        ( Powersupply delivers the +5,+12 and -12)

        The powersupply uses a standard optocoupler feedback. Strangly enough the optocoupler was socketed, using a cheap socket. Corrosion of this socket was the true culprit : I removed the socket, soldered the optocoupler directly and the powersupply is now OK.

        Make sure that you know what you are doing : voltages inside the PS are potentially lethal.


  3. JDR says:

    Any owner of a PDC clipper out there that could copy the original system disks ?
    Mine is missing these…
    ( I will provide empty disks )

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