New firmware for the µIEC using the SD2IEC bins

As Ingo Korb has been a bit more busy this year than he anticipated the next
major release still isn’t done yet. On the other hand he doesn’t want to
leave a gap of more than one year between releases and some people might not like the fact that they had to disable the fastloader in EasyProg
every single time they use it…

Changes in sd2iec 0.10.2:
– End of generated war directory was incorrect
(obscure feature that no new software should use anyway)
– compiling with all fastloaders disabled should now work
– ULoad M3 auto-exits when ATN becomes active
– minor code size improvements
(to free enough space for…)
– new fastloader: ELoad Version 1
(the one used by EasyProg)

Downloads available at as usual.

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