Got CF? Sure… Make that a double!

After doing the “Got µIEC?” modification on my ragtop C-64 i got the courage to a similar modification on my A1200. This time a dual CF 2 IDE conversion to eliminate the energy absorbing, heat generating and buzzing hard disk. This HXSP-2108P enables the Amiga to have two cards acting as separate devices at once by having two physical drives available. The dual CF card is directly connected to the Amiga mainboard by using a straight 44-pin to 40-pin cable. I needed to adjust the 3.5″ power supply molex connecter a little for a snug fit.

Using some plastic plates, which have shown their use in my C64 SD mod, i created a base holder for the dual SD2IDE card. Securely measuring, cutting, beveling and grinding resulted into the base plate.

I used bolted the plate on the CF2IDE card using 3mm screws and bolts. It took two attempts to make a perfect, snug fit. Practice makes perfect, they say!

On the other side the bolts are also isolated from the PCB to make sure that is no contact nor damage done.

When inserting the CF cards the ‘slave’ card is slightly more sticking out. This is important to know for the positioning of the bracket to the casing.

So this is going to be the setup. 4GB as boot device and 16GB as data device. As the cards are now easily externally accessible i can use any other SD card to test/install other OS without touching my base setup.

Figuring out where the plate need to be mounted to the case was easy. Not too close to the side and not to far away. Just measure the optimal distance and mark it.

To cut out the CF gaps i used a Dremel to make the basic cut into the casing. After making this thin gap, which is a wide as the file, the task of securely filing begun. This manual labout takes some time as you need to me very precise for a clean cut result. I didn’t want to have one big gap but two small ports. It worked out pretty well.

Testing how the cards would fit. Just perfect!

The only thing that bugged me was the fact that the CF cards are top side down into the casing. This was the best alternative to all possible positions i have evaluated.

Again buffing up and cleaning the plastics, both Amiga casing and the bracket, with ‘pure’ alcohol allowed the hot glue to form oneness with the casing.

After the base plate got smothered and attached to the case i layed an extra layer on the edges.

The result is the cards stick out nicely and a clean cut dual CF slot modification has been completed. Unfortunately the pictuce/camera makes my Amiga 1200 look more dirty/yellow that it actually is.

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8 Responses to Got CF? Sure… Make that a double!

  1. James Carroll says:

    Really clean job. I like it. It makes me want to dig out my A1200 and start cutting.

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  4. xoen says:

    lovely, again.

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