Look what the cat dragged in today!

EasyFlash 3, designed by SKOE.DE and supplied by Jim Brain/Go4Retro. Check out this EasyFlash3 presentation by Jim Brain, himself.

I also have the predecessor of this cartridge but this version introduces a new functionality: kernal overlay! This means that i can turn my C64, C128D(64-mode) and SX64 machine into a machine which has the a kernal replacement such as DolphinDOS, ExOS, SpeedDOS, JiffyDOS or any other flavour by only uploading this binary ROM file to the cartridge, enabling kernal alternatives without even opening the casing.

And now the retro-ware pr0n:


Isn’t this nice, check out my YouTube entry: EasyFlash3 on my unmodified Commodore SX-64



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