Dremeling the expansions into the Amiga 1200

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  1. DvG says:

    Ik heb net ook bij conrad het e.e.a. besteld om mij HxC Emulator in te bouwen, alleen ik hou het LCD scherm achterwege, mede omdat er nu ook software is zodat je het e.e.a. on screen kunt instellen.. Ben benieuwd naar jouw voortgang..

  2. Addy says:

    Hey Berry,

    This looks great! Care to write a piece about this project for the Commodore Info Bulletin (Commodore GG 2 monthly magazine)?


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  4. IKilledHer says:

    I wondered where the LCD-faceplate, also mentioned in other projects, would come from. You not only provided me with detailed order information, but also seem to have the same taste in locating the units. Thanks! (This will actually be my first hardware modification to a computer. If When I succeed I will do the same to an A600.)

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