Just show your love…

Take a look at this dude’s tattoo at the ECCC 2011 meeting. I don’t know him but i surely like his tattoo!

That’s keeping it real!

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3 Responses to Just show your love…

  1. Fritske says:

    haha thats looks realy nice, ive been thinking about something similar but i dont realy have the cash

  2. Zoltan says:

    That is totally frightening. I thought us guys that grew up on the Pet and Commodore – and dare I mention Amstrad -were a sober grey bunch of geeks. I guess a midlife crises is inevitable at some point though I never in those distant days of Basic and machine code would have envisaged the possibility of this…

  3. Naveed Choudhry says:

    Tatoos are a part of your past, wear them proudly 🙂 At some point I will have some on me, thinking about the Commodore Key 😀

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