Datastorm 2012

2012, a new year which will have, undoubtably, many interesting and fun to come. For now meeting up with a close friend, since the mid/late eighties and going to the Datastorm 2012 party in Gothenburg, is a really nice start of the number 12.

After struggling with an unreleased demo dating from 1988 I finally gave up. It was too much of a hassle to release as the source is lost during the course of the years in between.

We stayed up until the last part of the demo compo which is the good old lovely C64. Many entries in all sub-compo part and my guess is that the Mahoney and Fairlight demo’s will have an equal share in the race. Mahoney showed off a really nice visual 3D effect and the overal composition of the Fairlight demo are both again the cutting edge.


Thanks to Hedning for the following information:

Click here to download all C64 entries released for the Datastorm 2012 compo

  C64 Music

  01  144 Unfinished Business by Brandon Walsh/Genesis Project
  02  138 200 toppisar och en folkis by Mr Death
  03  134 mad trax by goto80/ht up
  04  126 Clouded Memories  by ne7/triad
  05  115 Exigent Comity by Response/Darklite+Hoaxers
  06  104 Route 6581 by Zyron/G*P
  07  102 Bird Flu by X-jAMMER/Genesis Project
  08   99 Cream Sormonium by Stinsen/Jolt
  09   94 Natural Constructor by radiantx/Panda Design
  10   93 I tidevarvets sorl by Klegg/Panda Design
  11   82 Katrineholm by corpsicle/ZiD
  12   80 Miserable House by ZZAP69/Onslaught
  13   79 Stormtrain by Eladarmi/Kvasigen
  14   71 LÃ¥ten by CHR$(142)/DNS


  01  152 Tracks by Jucke

  C64 Graphics

  01  184 Future Blind by Prowler/Nectarine ^ Up Rough ^ Brainstorm
  02  152 Frostungen by Zeila/bitFlavour
  03  114 Go back to oblivion by Frost/Panda Design
  04  106 Borderbild by Malmix/Fatzone
  05  100 Cowger by Skyffel
  06   96 you did WHAT!? by redcrab/g*p
  07   79 Datastorm by Sebaloz/Lepsi
  08   79 Cracked by Nature by hedning/G*P

  C64 Demo

  01  354 One Quarter by Fairlight
  02  266 Fragment by Mahoney / Magnar / Prowler
  03  219 Holy Crap!! by Zyron/G*P
  04  195 Fifteen Minutes Of Lame by Offence
  05  187 oso by hack n trade
  06  159 Black & White by corpsicle/ZiD
  07   90 Efter Concept by MaZZA





The party is held at a local underground type nightclub.

The party place:

GPS Locations:
RT90 X: 6404797, Y: 1269407
WGS84 Lat N 57° 42′ 31″ Lon E 11° 56′ 8″
Decimal 57.7087, 11.9358

Street address:
Karlavagnsgatan 13








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