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Installing µIEC in a SX-64

Wanting massive storage and a minimum of soldering in your good old Commodore SX-64? I just found the solution by using the UIEC 3.2 without the daughterboard (article: UIEC-SD-BA) supplied by Jim Brain / Retro Innovations! I made a little … Continue reading

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Reproduction of the SX64 parts by Erwin van Betten

Erwin van Betten has succesfully reproduced the handlebar caps and the keyboard clips for the Commodore SX-64. Those handlebar caps are really sought after as they are relatively the most missing part on the first executive computer sporting a built-in … Continue reading

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SX-64 – Blank screen repair

Patient: Commodore SX-64 (serial numbers on the casing and on the internal do not match 🙁 ) Symptoms: “white” screen and takes no input or squeaks at: load “$”,8 Diagnosis: Patient is brain dead Documentation: Original SX-64 Portable Computer Schematics … Continue reading

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