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Using my ragtop combined with a 64NIC+ cartridge and a 1541-II drive I started the #DiskDumpingDecember. Up till now I have managed to dump ~1500 disk sides to .D64 format. But now what? This doesn’t fit properly..

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Cleaning 5.25″ floppies: don’t use alcohol (I used 96%)

Never use alcohol to clean a disk or head. It will create a see-through hole in the disk. To my opinion spit/saliva is the best option, just like old paintings are ‘cleaned’. 🙂

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Berry’s C-64 Ragtop – The wishlist

Wishlist: Exterior modification: Custom spray paint job (Scarabee green, color code 230) Kernal modification: JiffyDOS in C-64 (breadbox style), already implemented JiffyDOS in C-1541 (breadbox style), also installed (no soldering required) Cynthcart modification: SID2SID board In stock: 2 X 6581 … Continue reading

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