Another upgrade: s-video, audio & video RCA

Today’s modification is RCA plugs for AV in/out. I have created a schema for this very easy mod.

Soldering the flatcable directly to the PCB, i am thinking of desoldering the DIN 8-pin connector and use other wires that will be on the top of the PCB:

The rear:

The result is that i can directly connect my Garmin Nüvi 5000 as an external monitor, as this is still a navigation system rapid movements aren’t so great on this display, but it works.

Also the SID2SID channel is prepared:

Also for the s-video i am thnking of installing another potentio-meter for the luminance.

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  2. jason says:

    Hi.Thanks for the mod pics and schematics.Im looking at the RCA plugs diagram you installed.It looks like only 3 of the 4 plugs are actually hooked up.Are these just for audio and video?
    Also in the pic of your GPS screen hooked up the the plugs,you have three cables pugged in.Is there sound on this mini screen.
    Could I just hook up 2 RCA plugs for audio and video?

  3. Berry says:

    Sure you can. I am planning to do a SID2SID implementation too.

    Yellow – Video in
    Red – Audio out
    White – Audio out
    Green – Audio in (according to the specs)

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