Amiga 500 – The Maxx

Recently i got, from an old friend of mine, an Amiga 500 together with a “Hard Drive Plus A590”. The set was setting the in the basement for many years before it got to see the daylight again. Actually this particular Amiga set used to belong to Maxx Hendriks, who now lives in Alabama. I remember him as an all around good guy.

So i decided to give this old lady a second life by revamping the hardware and software.

First at the A590 XT IDE drive would not start at all. After taking it drive out of its casing, put power to it and giving the drive a manual/hand spin in the air the drive came back to life and the A500 booted again.

Completely disassembled the set, cleaned the casing, removed stickers and dust from the past years the beauty of the Amiga 500 / A590 combo arose to the surface.

Adding a KCS Power PC board (not to be mistaken for a PowerPC CPU board) gave the Amiga some more RAM and a NEC V-30@11Mhz (8086 clone) CPU for the PC emulation.

The 20MB harddisk is a little tight so i added a Iomega SCSI zip drive in the mix to add 100MB space to the fixed drive.







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