A3640 – Upgrading to a 040/25 CPU board … failing on the ZIP and CD drive [SOLVED]

Update: 2012-10-06 Upgrading to a 040 board – A3640 v3.2

Today postman Pat brought me an A3640 card, which i purchased at Amibay.com.

After installing this i noticed that the board is working well and give me the expected result on the SysInfo scores.

However when i connect a CDROM/ZIP drive on the second port of the ‘4-device IDE interface’, using IDEfix’97, the machine doesn’t boot. When i have the A3630 (030/25Mhz) board installed every drive is accessible and working however while using the A3640 the system doesn’t boot, not even into early startup but displays a dark grey screen.

I disconnected the PORT 1 drives and the system boots, using the A3640 CPU board, again. So it seems that something is wrong while accessing the port 1 devices while the A3640 040/25 CPU card is installed. The system even doesn’t boot when the cable is connected to port 1 without any drives. Removing the standard manufactured 40wires/pin IDE cable from the 4-devices IDE interface renders in a booting A4000, i am clueless!

I just can’t figure out what so i need some help on this one.

[SOLVED] The PIO2 modification prevented to use a secondary device on the bus. This also prevented me from using the 4-way interface as intended. After *upgrading* to the stock GALs, located on the mainboard as U901 and U902, everything worked just fine. The ZIP drive is detected and i can add more devices to the 4-way IDE PCB.

The current setup is:

A4000 desktop

  • Rev. B board
  • Kickstart 3.0 ROMs
  • PIO mode2 GALs
  • re-capped
  • Buster 11 soldered to board
  • U104: 50MHz crystal (Kyocera KXO-01-1 50.000MHz)
  • J100: both jumpers 1-2 = EXT (when A3640-040/25MHz is installed)
  • J100: both jumpers 2-3 = INT (when A3630-030/25MHz is installed)
  • J151: ROMspeed = 200
  • J850: 68020 = open

A3630/A3200/A3400 030/25MHz CPU card

  • 68020/030 board Rev 1.0
  • CPU: MC68EC030FE25B
  • J103: no jumper pins
  • J100: closed
  • right next to J100: open
  • J101: closed
  • GX B-VO 9328

A3640 040/35MHz CPU card

  • rev 3.2
  • CPU: XC68040HRC25M
  • recapped
  • DOC-70 50.000MHz crystal on DIL socket
  • J100 top left: 1-2 Closed (Cache on startup enabled)
  • J100 top left: 3-4 Closed (MMU on startup enabled)
  • J100 next to chystal: Closed – (Do not remove)
  • J400: 1-2 Closed (MAPROM Enabled)
  • GX B-VO 9535

4-device IDE interface from AmigaKit.com







Never use these PIO2 reprogrammed GALs if you like multi device compatibility:


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  1. jeroen brons, on cbm-gg idiotoflinux says:

    Are you sure that you use the same cable, if yes are you sure the calbe is 100% ok? Try another one

    • Berry says:

      It was the PIO2 modification that messed things up. *Upgraded* to the stock GALs again and now everything runs smooth again.

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