10 Print “Hello World!”

Hjemme-dataAnother event in the series of small and cosy domesticated demo-parties held in the Netherlands. This time the 10 Print “Hello World!” party will be shore-side, Scheveningen in the Netherlands.

The aim of this party is to conversate, create and release a little production using cross-dev only. This will be at a beginners level (as my skills aren’t up to par the other high definition party releases). So get out portable (this time not the SX-64) and start jamming that 6510 and 680×0 code.

Date: 2014 -summertime (t.b.d.)


  1. Berry
  2. Ikilledher
  3. DdW
  4. Fonz

Due to safety restrictions we have to restrict this meeting to 6 sceners using cross-dev machines (laptops, notebooks a.k.a. devbook) only, but some real hardware (C64, SX64, C128, Amiga 1200/030 and Amiga 4000/040) will be available for testing the releases.

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