Found “Redhat Linux 5.1 Amiga 68k”

At least we still have the pictures… and the ISO.

I am happy to share with you, please leave a comment below.



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4 Responses to Found “Redhat Linux 5.1 Amiga 68k”

  1. herdware says:

    I’m guessing this is for preservation or curiosity? If you want to run unix on an Amiga I would recommend NetBSD. Up to date security wise and drivers for a lot of Amiga hardware. Including pci bridges, clockport and z3 ram as swap or normal ram.

    • Berry says:

      Actually it is for curiosity and preservation only. Although we might start a contest with it. How to install on real hardware without the use of UAE :-)

      Thanks for the advice on the other distro’s!

  2. amigafriend says:

    Red Hat for Amiga? First time hearing this. And where’s the ISO? 😉

  3. drGspot says:

    …ISO-s are all over the world… 😀
    …i wrote this intro to GNU/Linux & m68k / PPC (APUS) some 8 years ago…Golden good old times :

    Amiga & Linux rULeZ — power to the linux chix :)


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