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Creating the Dead Test cartridge

c64_dead_test_diagnostic_manual_1988-jan c64_dead_test_cartridge

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Replacing the 1541-II / 1571-II/ 1581 drive power supply

Having drives without a working PSU doesn’t make sense. So this years #DiskDumpingDecember (on twitter) went a little haywire, although I did dump some EPROM to .bin files using an eprommer. First I sourced a replacement PSU, which handles at … Continue reading

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Installing µIEC in a SX-64

Wanting massive storage and a minimum of soldering in your good old Commodore SX-64? I just found the solution by using the UIEC 3.2 without the daughterboard (article: UIEC-SD-BA) supplied by Jim Brain / Retro Innovations! I made a little … Continue reading

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