Amiga 4000 – Big Boxy

Amiga 4000/040 casing

As bought:
Amiga 4000/30 in a Amiga 4000/40 casing:

  • 68020/030 board rev 1.0 A3200/A3400 (GX B-v0 9328)
  • Motorola MC60EC030FE25B CPU @ 25MHz
  • Kickstart 3.0 ROMs
  • 2 MB Chip RAM
  • 16 MB Fast RAM
  • Super Buster 390539-11, soldered on to motherboard
  • GALs are reprogrammed to PIO mode 2
  • Battery removed and surface cleaned
  • 60MHz crystal (MCO14258 60.000 MHz) on mainboard U104
  • Spare 50.000Mhz crystal (Kyocera KX0-01-1 50.000MHz)
  • Seagate ST30810ACE, 40GB HDD

Upgraded with:


Replaced the PIO2 GALs with the original ones, click here: A3640 – Upgrading to a 040/25 CPU board … failing on the ZIP and CD drive [SOLVED].

Wish list:


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