Amiga 1200 – Drive-less

Commodore Amiga 1200 (Motherboard ‘Channel Z’ A1200 rev .1B)
Kickstart 3.1 (upgraded from stock 3.0)
Individual Computers ACA 1230/56 – 68030 @ 56 MHz, 64 MB RAM
Individual Computers Indivision AGA MK2
PCMCIA Ethernet Card – 3Com 3C589D
PCMCIA CF cardreader – Vivanco Compact Flash Adapter for PCMCIA type II slots
– 1GB CF card – PQI Hi-Speed 100
Dual CF2IDE – HXSP-2108P
– 4GB CF takeMS HyperSpeed 120x
16GB CF Transcend 133x
HxC2001 SDcard Floppy Emulator rev. c 100910

NAME Amiga 1200
TYPE Home Computer
YEAR October 1992
KEYBOARD built-in keyboard, 96 keys
CPU Motorola MC68EC020 + MC68881 FPU
SPEED 14.18758 MHz (PAL)
14.31818 MHz (NTSC)
CO-PROCESSOR AGA based chipset: 8374 Alice (memory controller and blitter), 4203 Lisa (video control chip), 8364 Paula (sound & I/O), Gayle (I/O, IDE interface), 391425 Budgie (bus controller)
RAM 2 MB Chip RAM, expandable to 10 MB max (2 MB Chip RAM + 8 MB Fast Ram)
ROM Kickstart 3.1: 512 KB
GRAPHIC MODES 320×200 to 1280×512 max
COLOrsc Palette: 16.7 million
On screen: 256 in normal modes, 262144 in HAM-8
SOUND 4 channel 8 bit PCM, stereo output
SIZE / WEIGHT 9.5″ deep × 18.5″ wide × 3″ high / 8 lbs
25cm deep x 49cm wide x 7cm high / 3.1 Kg
I/O PORTS RS-232 serial port, Centronics parallel port, external disk interface, 150 pin local expansion port, Clockport, 2x RCA audio, PCMCIA/JEIDA card interface, IDE hard drive interface, composite video out, RF out, 2x Atari joystick/mouse ports
BUILT IN MEDIA 3.5” floppy disk drive
OS Workbench 3.1
POWER SUPPLY External 23 watts PSU, 220-240V/50Hz (PAL), 110 volt/60Hz (NTSC)
PRICE £399 (UK, 1992)
£329 (UK, 1995)

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